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Your one-stop source for list building, lead generation and online events. Get ready to harness growth strategies, learn from industry leaders, and supercharge your lead generation. Catch us every Tuesday for new episodes.

Meet the host

Meet Jennie Wright, the host of The Acquire Podcast. With over a decade of experience empowering entrepreneurs and marketers, Jennie’s strategic insights and innovative list building techniques have propelled numerous businesses towards unprecedented growth. 

She’s the brain behind “The List Injection Method”, and you’ll catch her dishing out her expertise in every episode. 

Her captivating interviews with industry leaders and thought-provoking solo episodes offer actionable advice, inspirational stories, and a roadmap to elevate your brand and acquire leads like never before. Join Jennie on The Acquire podcast as she guides you through the art of list building and the magic of online events, ultimately unlocking your business’s true potential.

Most recent podcast episodes

Episode 40

Are you tired of sales tactics that feel out of sync with your values and integrity?

In this episode, we’re diving into something absolutely essential for anyone involved in sales or client relationships. I’m thrilled to have seasoned sales strategist and best-selling author, Aleasha Bahr, join me for an insightful conversation on transforming sales strategies with authenticity and integrity.

Join us for this thought-provoking episode as we explore how to transform your sales strategy with authenticity and integrity. Aleasha’s insights are a game-changer for anyone looking to build genuine client relationships and achieve sustainable success.

Episode 39

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of details and tasks involved in planning your online event?

Join us in this episode as Jennie Wright, a seasoned expert with over 380 online events under her belt, shares invaluable insights and practical advice to help you set clear, actionable goals for your online event. By following these steps, you’ll streamline your planning process and ensure your event is a massive success.

Episode 38

Curious about how AI is transforming content creation?

In this episode of Acquire, I sit down with two fantastic guests, Deirdre Tshien and Katie Brinkley, to discuss the impact of AI tools in the digital world. We cover the real influence of AI on content creation and the essential role of human input.

Get ready for an engaging conversation packed with practical tips, personal experiences, and actionable strategies!

Episode 37

Curious about the secret psychological triggers that make lead magnets irresistible and highly effective?

In this episode, we’ve uncovered the secrets to turning freebies into profitable sales assets. By understanding and implementing these psychological principles and strategies, you can enhance your lead generation efforts, boost sales, and build a successful sales machine.

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